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Niigaan Sinclair : Federal leaders debate falls flat on Indigenous issues. Dean Pritchard : Teacher wins case to keep name off child abuse registry. Ryan Thorpe : Winnipeg police have no plan to follow Ontario police force's gender-free identification policy.

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Maggie Macintosh : Second time's a charm for unsuccessful provincial candidates. Ben Waldman : Flashfood app lets shoppers know when best-before food turns into never-before bargains. Jen Zoratti : The rise of home deliveries saves time — if only we used it wisely. Frances Koncan : Jeremy Dutcher brings his award-winning album to Winnipeg. Edible cannabis presents new challenges.

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Editorial cartoon for Oct. I don't think anybody in Thompson will hear anything they don't already know," Flanagan posted to the Thompson Citizen's Facebook page. The complete interview with Flanagan can be heard as a podcast on CBC. Flanagan was criticized by the online commenter on our website who writes under the pseudonym "supporttheleader.

Do I understand this was instigated by Ryan Flanagan? He left the city and is now creating more turmoil here.

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  4. A producer from the CBC called me Tuesday afternoon asking if I'd be willing to talk to them and, sympathizing with a reporter looking to tell a story but needing somebody to tell it and suspecting that quite a few people must have turned them down already for them to be contacting me, I agreed. In the story, Martin, the dean of education reporters in the province, paraphrasing the Legacy Bowes Group job ad on behalf of its client, the School District of Mystery Lake, opens his story with, "Liars should not apply for the principal's job at R.

    Parker Collegiate in Thompson. Nor should anyone apply who intends to misrepresent himself or herself or the Mystery Lake School Division. And only apply if you're ready to keep a close eye on your teachers as they interact with 1, students and be ready to fire those teachers if necessary. Asper School of Business, reportedly told Martin. Those don't seem normal," he said. The School District of Mystery Lake has had three superintendents and eight assistant superintendents in just over four years, while R.

    Parker Collegiate has gone "through three principals and nine vice-principals in that time. The high school is on its second acting principal since the school board fired Land after earlier taking the extraordinary step of rebuking him in a public session," Martin pointed out. Within 48 hours, As It Happens had decided to pick up the story for its Monday night supper-hour show.

    As It Happens went on the air in A promo for the show on its CBC website says, " As It Happens gets its stories from "the horse's mouth" - securing interviews with world leaders, rabble-rousers, bingo callers and deposed dictators. The show has a soft-spot for "characters" and never turns its nose up at something wild, weird or wacky.

    And, on the complex and troubling stories of the day, As It Happens searches for greater understanding in the story behind the story. As It Happens is also famous for its listener "Talkback machine" nightly feature where callers can comment on tonight's show in hopes of having their comments air tomorrow night. Winnipeg corporate headhunters Legacy Bowes Group, a member of the national Waterhouse Executive Search Partners and Manitoba's largest national executive search practice, led by managing partner Paul Croteau, is also conducting the search on behalf on another client, University College of North UCN , to find its next president and vice-chancellor after former president Denise Henning's five-year contract was not renewed and she was shown the door in January.

    Croteau is in charge of both high-profile Thompson education searches. Anyone interested in reading the full description of "core competencies" for the R.

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    Land was first removed in a vote and then fired as probationary principal of R. Parker Collegiate earlier this year. Then-chair Rob Pellizzaro, a local lawyer, and then vice-chair Guido Oliveira, along with trustees Vince Nowlin, Alexander Ashton, who is the current chair, and former trustee Valerie Wilson, voted to remove Land, while trustees Leslie Tucker and Sya Gregovski opposed canning him. The vote was upheld in the same split at a second meeting April 5 where the five-member "Concerned Aboriginal Women's Coalition" - consisting of Jackie Fitzpatrick, Hilda Fitzner, Freda Lepine and Sharon McLeod and Julyda Lagimodiere - appeared as a delegation to refute several of the claims from an anonymous letter distributed earlier supporting Land and also questioned his commitment to aboriginal students, saying no new aboriginal programs or courses had been introduced during his tenure as principal.

    Land was removed from his post, had his office computer locked out, and was escorted out of the building Feb.

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    On June 14, trustees voted to fire him - terminating him for cause - as the person ultimately responsible for the changing of marks and the use of inappropriate activities for community service credits at R. Parker, activities which allegedly came to light after he was initially removed in February. Land, who was a member of the Thompson Teachers' Association of the Manitoba Teachers Society, has grieved his firing, and the union has had next to nothing to say publicly about any of the issues since day one.

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    On Dec. Land worked temporarily for Elections Canada assistant returning officer Lou Morissette here as a training officer looking after all the inland training for the polls for the May 2 federal election. In early April, Land was offered the position of part-time vice-principal of Hapnot Collegiate in Flin Flon, but turned it down to became Vale's manager of corporate affairs for Manitoba Operations May 9.

    Overall, who has twice been coaxed out of retirement to come back and serve as both an interim or acting vice-principal, has been at the helm temporarily while the board struggles to find a principal.

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    Former principal Kathleen Kelson left the principal's post in January and was moved to the newly-created post of "school district community connector. Rob Watt, a teacher at R. Parker since , replaced Overall as a vice-principal Feb. Warren Hingley was also brought out of retirement to take a vice-principal's job.

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    Both Overall and Hingley returned to their retirements after the academic year. With Land removed from the school as a probationary employee but not yet formally fired, Itson became acting principal Feb. Parker have four principals. Two assistant superintendents were fired or forced to resign over the last two years.

    Angelina Pilon, who moved from Ontario to work as assistant superintendent of programs for the School District of Mystery Lake beginning in August , resigned from her position last Dec. Pilon made a formal written complaint against Hammond on Oct.