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They study. They do their homework.

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They take care of their families and properties. They are responsible citizens. They usually even vote. Capricorns, too, are solid citizens.

They also like to abide by rules and regulations. They work hard and they study well.

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Capricorns also vote. So, the Capricorn born Pig is pure of heart and as determined as a bulldozer in a demolition derby. They are compassionate and hardly ever say no to a cry for help. They are generous, yet careful not to waste. They are extraordinarily cultivated and forever seek to increase their knowledge, as they are wildly curious. No scofflaw, this character.

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They hardly know what to make of improbity and are even a little bit fascinated by it. Ask him if he has one of those hot TVs at his place. He or she will be sensitive and drawn to artistic endeavor.

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This subject boasts a gigantic ego. Nothing daunts him. He is confident and clearheaded. He wants to go far and he does. Yes, he or she is pure of spirit and by nature a giving person. But he or she is also a smothering one.

2014 Your New Astrology Horoscopes Chinese and Western : Predictions for the Wood Horse Year

These people want to own those they love and are terrified of losing them. Jealousy and rage, scenes and scandals, are not beneath their dignity. This possessiveness makes it very much of a responsibility to be loved by or to love such a character. They are tempting and wonderful to hang out with. They may be jealous of your friends and of your extracurricular activities. Reference from friends or lists of best sellers from newspapers and literary sites. Do you remember the first story you ever wrote? Words: 54, Language: English. Published: January 30, Whatever you need to know about yourself in the next 12 months is covered in this jaunty, but serious page volume written by the High Priestess of Chinese and western astrology, Suzanne White.

Don't start the Pig year without this book as your guide. Bombshell predictions!!! Words: 65, Published: July 26, White treats the reader to vivid tales of her sexuality and shares wild stories of the wacky, sultry freedoms of 20th century Paris and Ibiza. Shockingly graphic descriptions of White's lusty adventures are featured on every page. Pick up this erotic, stimulating book.

Suzanne White's Chinese Astrology Horoscopes for the Year of the Pig

You won't be able to put it down. Published: February 11, Unmitigated Gaul - A Lifetime in Paris is the first volume of this best-selling author's autobiography. Suzanne White writes vividly about her life and loves in sixties Paris. And she does so with skilled insouciance. From 50's Buffalo to 60's Paris. Unmitigated Gaul is beautifully written with a rare honesty and a wicked sense of humor. Words: , Published: October 30, In Suzanne White's revised, updated The New Chinese Astrology, the world-famous astrologer and bestselling author demystifies the complexities of the Chinese Zodiac.

This fun-to-read expansive volume describes each animal sign's individual characteristics, special capabilities, and particular health problems. Lively, accessible, and witty, this book is full of invaluable advice. Published: August 28, Suzanne White matched all 24 Astrological signs Chinese and western with remarkable results.