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King Solomon Seals - Life changing symbols that you should have handy! Make your own Kabbalah amulet

Ouroboros Tattoo. Esoteric Tattoo. Ouroborus and Hexagram. Ouroboros displayed on Masonic seal, mainly seen during 17th century. Find this Pin and more on Ouroboros by Victor Craven. Masonic Symbols. Symbolic Tattoos. Sigils of magical protection, mainly kabbalistic in nature. Good to have on hand, just in case.

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seal of solomon

Find this Pin and more on Alchemy in me by Melissaxoxo Stylistxoxo. Fullmetal Alchemist. Read this over your Book and then keep it inside for future reference. I don't reprint the pdf files you find floating around on the Internet. I create them all personally for my Book of Shadows. Find this Pin and more on Wicca by Ger Owens.

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Alchemists lived in a world where every thing not only had soul and life but also the desire to evolve. The soul in a lowly chunk of lead was longing to become gold over time, but the alchemist could make it happen much faster. Ancient Book. Find this Pin and more on Tattoo ideas by Catherine Coleman. Ritual Spirit. Voodoo Tattoo. Find this Pin and more on vvierd by Stephanie Lopez. Zodiac Art. Zodiac Signs. Planet Drawing. Transmutation circles - Imgur. Find this Pin and more on Alchemy by Maron Mangan. Beautiful Symbols. Magick Spells. Transmutation circles.

Intention is defined as "a thing intended; an aim or plan". Although it seems that intention is more powerful than a simple definition. It's the integral element that makes matter respond to your deepest wishes and desires. It's a simplified energy that manifests itself through matter. It's alchemical and has the ability to manipulate the integrity of the goal.

Intention can be viewed as a form of sorcery that is developed within, and released through physical execution. It's a…. Occult Art.

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Medieval Symbols. Medieval Art. The Alchemy of Intention. This documentary is a great quick overview of the sacred secret science of Alchemy and its real unfolding. It highlights how Alchemy runs deep and rich throughout our history right back to Ancient Egyptian times. Some of the influential thinkers in palmistry sciences were Indian. Many people who have the Ring of Solomon are capable of carrying out original research which they present in the form of books.

They are resourceful to the extent of bringing out a new perspective every time they take a fresh look at an issue related to the occult sciences. Therefore, pursuing this profession is a very good idea if you have the Ring of Solomon on your palm! In essence this ring shows that the subject has psychic skills, and a superior level of judgment, hence they can be a great judge of character when they meet strangers. If the Ring of Solomon is curved, then, this means that the subject has strong feelings. This can also signify that the subject will focus on himself in his life.

It can show on people who are useful in offering spiritual help because of their deep involvement in matters related to spirituality. People who have the ring are said to get wealthy purely due to their level of cleverness. This person has a tendency to be mysterious and spiritual in nature. A broken line is a clear indication that the person has some family problems which makes the subject to have plenty of nervousness.

A Straight Ring of Solomon means that logic and luck will be used by the subject to find the truth in life.

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People who posses such a line should feel free to trust their instincts based on making first impressions -- because they will more than likely be accurate. The curve indicates that the subject is moved by emotions. If the ring of Solomon forms on the mount of Jupiter, then it is an indicator of a person who is a teacher with good natural talents. Such a person can easily become a teacher without a struggle. The sympathy line is common on the mount of Jupiter and even though on occasion the Ring of Solomon has been found on the lower mount of Jupiter the sympathy line is normally quite straight and generally touches the heart line, or life line.

If you have a sympathy line this means that the subject has a sympathetic outlook on life.

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