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Actions Shares. Embeds 0 No embeds. No notes for slide. Best Astrologers in Bangalore 1. I am Santhanaraman new to this forum Please, I need the best astrologer in Bangalore online. I need a good suggestion. I tried to get the best astrologer in Bangalore qoura, but I found that all astrologers are posting their own reviews there, so I stopped myself from there.

I need a good and reliable astrologer Bangalore. Because I cant, find genuine astrologer in Bangalore. I took prediction from an astrologer who charged me a lot and gave me the wrong prediction. So, suggest me a more reliable astrologer in Bangalore. I live near btm, so I want the best astrologer in Bangalore near btm. Best astrologers in Bangalore. I want the best astrologer and numerologist in Bangalore or astroVastu.

He should be able to read my horoscope or palmistry. I have problems with mine Jathaka. And Who could give right predictions and remedies to me?

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Instead of the wrong forecast. I also tried for the best astrologer in Bangalore sai baba astrologer, but he was too far. Best Astrologer in Bangalore city suggestion So, if you know a good astrologer then please advice me. Because I think in a forum we get the best astrologer surely.

Sri Sai Ram Astrological Palmist

Because once I already met an unexperienced astrologer. Maybe that the astrologer you are suggesting me without meeting them is also bad. So, please do not waste my money by advising me astrologers you have not yet met. But if anyone met an excellent astrologer and are very satisfied with them, then please suggest them to me.

I am getting a lot of problems in my life. Thank you for understanding my problems please try to respond when you have time. Best Astrologer in Bangalore city. Hi, Santhanaraman sir Greetings to you this is Saravanan from Bangalore. Yes, what you said is right. In forums, we will get best Astrologers with the direct public opinion. We have our experience with Swami Vipassana Guruji. We have taken consultation from Vipassana Guruji two years back.

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Guruji is pretty accurate in predictions. Till now we did not see any astrologer telling like this accuracy. He has got excellent knowledge of astrology and Vastu Shastra, And, one more thing why you asked here, is he an Indian? Yes, he is purely Indian. But nowadays everything is effortless for everyone.

Because of the internet world. Anybody can take consultation from anywhere in the world. It is like everything is in our hands now. No doubt he is very excellent in his predictions and remedies, Best Astrologer in Bangalore city and beware many astrologers are using his name as sai Upsaka guruji, or Vipassana guruji, sai upasak guruji has no personal websites if you see any personal websites those are all some other people. So better take phone consultation that is better I think, we went to his house 2 times, but we did not get Guruji s, appointment.

When I met Swami Ji, by seeing me, he told us our house front room itself big problem. I thought first what it would be he said to me that there was a Shalya Vasthu problem in the house. I took one labor 3. My God! Am so happy you suggested me, Guruji I will surely try to meet Guruji for predictions. But one little doubt for me please clarify if you can? I have read many reviews about Guruji after you mentioned his name, some are saying in the internet sai Upasak guruji and some are Vipassana guruji what is his real name?

I too got a lot of confusion first time when I have seen many similar name astrologers on the internet. Guruji has no advertisement anywhere, no websites anywhere, still public will come to him. Sai Upasak Guruji cardiologist and astrologer, fake. Sai Upasak guruji radio and tv technician is fake. Sai Upasak guruji power engineering specialist is fake. Sai Upasak Guruji Cardiologist 20 Apr Sai Upasak guruji famous Kuchipudi dancer address? I have been misguided first. Afterward, I met real one, am very happy with his predictions, it is excellent experience with him, real guruji number is this Sai Upasak guruji is, also called as, Vipassana Swamiji or Guruji.

And note that Original Sai Upasak Guruji has no google maps. Are Ad Sense or any website of his own. Please give some information please and sorry for bothering you again. Best Astrologer in Bangalore city 5. I have a great experience with Guruji he is a miracle man. Hi, everyone here in this forum, I am M M. Anjali very much new to this forum. One thing I want to share with you is, why to meet any astrologer or any neurologist first because we are not happy the way life is going with us right? If life goes well the way we wanted, do we meet any astrologer or any palmist?

Best Astrologer in Bangalore city anyhow problem in us is, 6. Yes, Vipassana Guruji best astrologer in Bangalore. But we are not using our brain anytime even after taking good suggestion form well Genuine astrologers Bangalore or anywhere. If you know the reality of life you will not worry about anything am not saying we do not meet astrologers you meet and take advice but with the perfect one like Vipassana Guruji what I know about him is, he is Genuine astrologer in Bangalore and spiritual healer good human Best Astrologer in Bangalore city But what my complaint is, I have gone 5 to 6 time to his place each time when going there they say no appointment thathurts me a lot.

He may be the best of all, yes, even I too, agree that he is, after I took predictions from him I changed my opinion and anger admitted he is best, of all in Bangalore. But making people sit out hours together is not right I feel my self. And we want suggestions from others. What my final suggestion to all is, try to do some yoga meditation, to have some little issues out of our life, that is best I think so. No proper job and finance? Love failures? Professional tensionsns?

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Learn how. After meeting Guruji he suggest remedies for the same and we are happy with positive results. Feb 2, 3. Hi Could someone tell me if it is possible to meet Guruji in person or only phone consultations are possible?. My parents live in Chennai and they can meet him if there is a possibility to do so. I read that the appointment takes a bit longer. Also, I would like to know the consultation fee for one person and for the entire family as well. Are online transfers only accepted or can we pay when we meet him in person. Since this is the first time I intend to meet him after going through the positive reviews written here I would be grateful if someone could help me in getting my doubts clarified. Thank You. Sairam1 , Feb 2, Feb 14, 4.

Messages: 17 Likes Received: 6 Trophy Points: 8. Gauri25 , Feb 14, Feb 14, 5.

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Also you can meet him personally as well but since my experience is if we ask them something like this then he feels that we don't trust him and gets little angry but since because I m purely went to him is because of the reviews written here but otherwise he is very nice and kind person Feb 20, 6. Messages: 12 Likes Received: 0 Trophy Points: 1.