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The most popular hypothesis is that Roman soldiers encountered this religion during military excursions to Persia. While it is widely accepted that the Mithraic New Year and the birthday of Mithras was on 25 December and was celebrated on this day as part of the Roman Natalis Invicti festival, others have argued that the Natalis Invicti was a general festival of the sun, and was not specific to the Mysteries of Mithras.

Nevertheless, it is clear that 25 December was an important day for the Romans and revolved around a celebration of the sun. Mithra divinity statue in Vatican library, old illustration. By unidentified author, published on Magasin Pittoresque, Paris, Source: BigStockPhoto.

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When King Constantine converted to Christianity in the fourth century, he had quite a challenge ahead of him with regard to converting an empire full of pagans. It was therefore decided to celebrate the birth of Jesus on a date that was already sacred according to pagan traditions. So as a compromise with paganism and in an attempt to give the pagan holidays Christian significance, it was simply decided that the birthday of the Sun God would also be the birthday of the Son of God.

The Catholic Encyclopaedia quotes an early Christian with saying, "O, how wonderfully acted Providence that on that day on which that Sun was born Christ should be born". For privacy reasons, she has previously written on Ancient Origins under the pen name April Holloway, but is now choosing to use her real name, Joanna Gillan. The notion that shepherds wouldn't be in the fields during December is false. This has been discounted many times and a trip to Israel during the 'cold winter months' ' would show otherwise.

Interesting read though! Even though evidence of Christmas is pagan. A Christian should use the scriptures to justify what they practice and teach!

That reasoning is very flawed The fact is there is nothing in the scriptures that suggest to celebrate Christmas! The fact is the story told that condones and promote Christmas is full of lies and half truths! The fact that Jesus himself told us to commemorate his death not the same as Easter not his birth shows that we should not celebrate his unknown birth date! The fact is The fact is the scriptures say that God hates "lies" and want "worshipers who will worship him in spirit and truth.

Bluestones recharging time. Excellent article and discussion, especially that everyone is being respectful of alternative theories. I do have a few comments to make. Not all Hebrews would need not have been literate for the Bible to be written. In all ancient societies, there were some who were literate and only a few would be needed to write the Bible. The Bible, especially the OR is a collection of Folktales, otherwise there would not have been 2 accounts of creation etc.

Although Paul Saul was educated he would not have been called literate in our present society where reading and writing are necessary. In the ancient world, the disciplines of reading and writing were taught separately. If you read the letters of Paul, he adds his own note at the end, apologizing for his poor writing. He employed a scribe or scribes to write his letters. I believe that Constantine was converted to Christianity, though I think he remained a closet follower of Mithras. As stated, MIthras was very popular among the military and he was a military man.

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I think he realized that Christianity was a way to unite the different factions of his Empire. I will not comment on whether or not he was a true convert as arguments can be made either way. Regardless,the import fact is that he made Christianity both legal and desirable. When Christ was actually born is not as important as that HE was born and that we celebrate with Joy is something that is truly wonderful.

In summary, who cares when the events actually occurred. The Catholic Encyclopedia, quoted twice in this article, also states that Saturnalia was almost certainly NOT the reason for the selection of Dec The claim that it has to do with Mithra is more sound. Ancient Origins has been quoted by:.

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Death was on All Fools' Day also. You can also be quite jealous sometimes. You like it when your lover gives you so much attention. People born on December 25th are attracted to those who have a good sense of humor. They also like people who are expressive of their feelings. You have a tremendous ability to be selfless. While you love it when your partner gives you attention, you get a tremendous amount of satisfaction in reciprocating that attention. Different people have different love languages. Some people prefer to show their affection by spending a lot of time with their loved ones. Others would want to do small things around the house or small favors to show their love and concern.

Your job is to figure out the love language of the ones closest and dearest to you, and speak their languages. Your job is also to step away from expecting that these people would speak your exact same love language. You have a tremendous ability for compassion. You are very patient. So, this should be quite easy for you. People born on December 25th are hardworking and balanced individuals.

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They are the types of people who excel in the workplace. But they also want to keep their personal lives in check. A career in school administration or office management is well-suited for people born on this day. People born on this day are good-natured and freethinking. They become serious when they need to and tend to relax when things go well for them.

They love being with people who are close to their heart. These people serve as a great inspiration for them to do better. Since they are quite the laid back type, people born on December 25th tend to be too complacent at times. These people are also inoffensive and have the ability to accept feedback from other people and they never take it personally. People born on December 25th need to change being easily distracted. Earth is a symbol of modesty and humbleness. This celestial body symbolizes a stability and unrevealed power.