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Well, it was because they were as- trologers. It is believed that they learned from studying the stars that the Christ child would be born at the time of a conjunction of planets that signaled the arrival of a new age the Piscean. Still, it wasn't quite as easy at it sounds: the two planets — Jupiter and Saturn — were bright, but not something an average person would have noticed.

Even though they were trained astrologers, it took them some time to actually locate Jesus in Bethlehem. But if they hadn't studied the stars, they might not have been looking in the first place! So maybe you can't remember the Pythagorean theorem try to remember the Scare- crow reciting it in The Wizard ofOz — something about the hypotenuse of a right tri- angle. It may surprise you to learn that the mathematician responsible for that leap of logic was also an astrologer. In addition to the Pythagorean theorem, Pythagoras also gave us the musical scale, and he believed that, similar to musical harmonies, the larger harmony of the uni- verse could be discovered in numbers as well.

It is still believed by many mathemati- cians that the secret of the universe can be discovered somewhere in pi, the ratio of a circle's circumference to its diameter. Nostradamus This is the guy who predicted most of the bad stuff that's happened this century, like world wars, atomic bombs, and assassinations. Nostradamus's predictions, written in , foretold everything that would happen from that date until the end of the world, which he posted at c.

What did he base those pre- dictions on? You guessed it — astrology. Nostradamus predicted many disasters and tough times, but he predicted some good stuff, too, including a Golden Age, or 1, years of peace, at the millennium let's hope he's right! After all, in addition to being an astrologer and a seer, Nostradamus was also a practicing physician, so his motto was "Do no harm.

Like all 16th-century scientists, he studied the stars, and understood the larger relationship between everything that's since been largely ignored by the ra- tional sciences. Among Newton's many ponderings were questions about the secret of the universe, the nature of gravity itself yes, it exists — but why? It's ironic that scientists after Newton would use Newton's Laws to discount any further examination of the more occult sciences he had examined himself!

Steering by the Stars Well, we all know the ancient navigators thought the world was flat, and yet they got into those ships of theirs anyway. How did they steer? Remember, this is before radar and sonar and cell phones which is probably why it took Odysseus so long to return home after the Trojan War.

You guessed it again: They steered by the stars.

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Ancient astrologers drew maps of the sky, and, just as we notice the Sun rising and setting in slightly different places at different times of year, those maps showed where certain constellations would be at certain times of year. This was called celestial navigation: Those ancient ship captains could just point toward Orion and sail toward Cairo or wherever it was they wanted to go. And while ce- lestial navigation, the most ancient way to plot a course, can be limited by the weather you can't see the stars if it's cloudy, after all , it is still used today.

But the stars were used for more than navigation: They also were used to help determine when to sow and when to reap, and they reminded people when to celebrate various holidays. The ancient people noticed that there was a regularity to the movements of the planets, and that everything from the seasons to social needs could be predicted by those patterns. Astrology is a symbolic system from which we can learn the interconnection between external reality and internal reality. Like the smart people we've learned about, we can use astrology as a map for our own route through life.

Like those ancient sailors, we, too, can learn to steer by the stars! Star-Crossed It's popular to assume that astrology is the same as fate. Not so! Astrology shows potentials, just as a map can show you pos- sible routes. But to think of as- trology as an absolute is a big mistake. Instead of looking to astrology for answers, look at it for choices. You provide the answers— you pick the route you want to take. AstroLingo Natal astrology involves the creation of your birth chart based on the position of the planets at the time and place that you were born.

It creates a map unique to you and your true self. Your ascendant is your rising sign, the sign that was rising over the horizon at the mo- ment of your bi'rth.

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Your rising sign represents the "y ou " that the outsi'de world perceives, as well as personality trai'ts and needs, and your physical characten'sti'cs. Your descendant is the cusp of your seventh house, and represents how you channel your energies through partnerships and relationships.

This is called natal astrology, and this branch is concerned with you — your unique position within the synchronicity of the universe. Getting in touch with the ancient rhythms of astrology involves both being aware of your constantly evolving history, a history that includes both Now and Then, and your unique position within that history. That's be- cause Taureans are from Missouri: They're constantly saying, "Show me," and if you can't show 'em, they just won't believe it.

So, if you're a Taurus, or any of the other Doubting Thomases of the zodiac, keep an open mind. Find the Gemini in your chart, the part of you that's naturally curious, and get in touch with your Sagittarius, where your sense of humor lies. Sure, it's hard to believe in something you can't see, but we're not asking you to believe; we're ask- ing you to come along and see what astrology has to offer you. You will be surprised — and you'll be rewarded and shown something about the cycles of your life as well! Astrology is used in many different ways, from counseling kings and business leaders about strategies, tactics, and timing to learning about personal astrology for health, vocation, relationships, evolutionary paths, strengths, and challenges.

There are astrologers who specialize in the stock market, in business, or in sports. And there are those who specialize in psychological astrology, which gets to the root of why you behave a certain way and explores your mental makeup. So, move over bro- kers, bankers, personal trainers, and therapists — make room for astrologers! Part 1 All About Astrology In addition to helping you understand various areas of your life, astrology also can predict what you might do next.

Part of this stems from the fact that people don't change their behavior very much — predicting that Liz Taylor might get married again may not be a great stretch — but because there are actually many dif- ferent ways the same energy or prediction can mani- fest itself, predictions don't limit your scope, but rather, show your direction. Hey, Liz, maybe another marriage isn't the answer. It's also important to remember that the "outer" re- flects the "inner," so if you're in complete inner tur- moil, that's what's going to manifest itself, not what you want to control and have happen.

We all know someone who always seems to pick the wrong guy — that's an example of what we mean here.

You do have more control than you realize, but much of it is given over to your subconscious, and so may manifest itself as your fears — or as a replaying of scenes from your childhood to discredit something you learned then. You may try to run, but you can't hide from yourself. How much conscious control you have usually de- pends on how aware you become of your own issues and strengths. Still, what happens is entirely up to you — and what you do with your potential. The Company You Keep Your relationships are based on all the planets, signs, and houses in your birth chart — and how they inter- act with all the planets, signs, and houses in other people's charts.

And here you thought it was that great new hairstyle. Relationship astrology studies just how compatible two or more people are, taking into account all the different aspects between the people, as well as what type of relationship it is. Relationship astrology can tell whether two people are emotionally, mentally, or sex- ually compatible, and whether they would work well together as partners, as boss and employee, "just be good friends" — or recommend they avoid each other like the plague. And while you can't choose your family, with relationship astrology, at least you'll have fun exploring your family's dys"fun"ction.

Who knows, maybe you'll gain some valuable insights. Star-Crossed Astrological charts can be inter- preted and understood on many different levels. The same astro- logical symbol can represent events in your childhood, people in your life, an internalized psy- chological complex, or a spiritual lesson. Don't assume that if you know one possible interpretation for a particular item, you under- stand it completely.

To fully un- derstand your chart or anything in it takes time, patience, and plenty of study. Remember, there's more to a book than its AstroLingo Relationship astrology studies people's charts to determine their co m pa ti'b fifty — or in co m pa ti'b 1 1 ity. Re- lationship astrology can determine if you have similar or conflicting value systems or beliefs, as well as many other specific issues and strengths.

Relationship astrology, in other words, can save you a whole lot of heartache and headaches right from the start. So pay attention, okay? StarFacts In some countries where marriages are arranged, astrologers are consulted fi'rst to deter- mine if the two people are compatible. Only then is the couple approved for marriage by the families. The Signs and Your Career Vocational astrology assesses your various personality traits and needs, your productive resources and capabilities, your special talents, and the paths you have taken up to now, as well as what type of work you will find rewarding in order to recommend the best possibilities for your career.

Imagine — all this, just from carefully studying your birth chart. What kind of work you will do is related to your Sun sign — but it's not quite that simple. Let's use the example of a Gemini Sun sign, which signals work in communications. You might be a journal- ist or teacher, a writer, someone who creates Web sites, or you might work in advertising. Maybe you'll be a manager, negotiate contracts, or work as a partner in a business.

Or, you might travel or work with foreign trade, work in publishing, the legal system, or teach at a university. There's obviously a great deal more to choosing your vocation or career than just what your Sun sign can predict. AstroLingo Vocational astrology studies your potentials in order to deter- mine your career or path. It also can be used for diagnosis. All these examples deal with communications in some way, right?

But they're all very different ways of work- ing in communications. Vocational astrologers never look at just your Sun sign — and neither should you. Healthy in Mind and Body Nothing is more important to us than our health; without it, we can't do any of the other things that matter so much to our lives — from love to work to where we live. And astrology and health have been connected for a very long time.

Hippocrates, the Greek philosopher and physician who lived around b. These days, most doctors don't do that, but we can still use what astrology can tell us to stay healthy and achieve a sense of well- being. Today, there are medical astrologers — and even physicians — who use astrology to dis- cover what isn't always found through the tests commonly used in traditional medi- cine. Medical astrology also can be used for more basic information, like understanding your metabolic nature, the types of foods that will be helpful or stressful to you, and general areas that need to be monitored in order for you to maintain your optimum health.

StarFacts Each sign of the zodiac is associated wi'th a particular part of the body. The fi'rst sign, Aries, is associated with the head, and the last, Pisces, with the feet. But whether the physical part of the body associated wi'th your Sun sign is strong or weak depends on sev- eral factors that are discussed later in the book. Certain foods may be very good for you — and others may send you spinning. Capricorn, for example, represents the bones, joints, knees, and teeth, so naturally, a lot of protein and calcium are going to be useful if you were born under this Sun sign.

Like all of astrology, the connections between the signs and parts of the body are part of the science that holds that the entire cosmos is reflected in the human body. As Shakespeare's Hamlet muses, "What a piece of work is man. Of course, we're not doctors. Cosmic Investments and Money Management Did you ever think that what you do with your money reveals a great deal about how you feel about yourself?

In some signs, people may equate themselves with what they own, while others may see money as a means to an end. Rockefeller, or Mother Teresa. As with all astrological possibilities, remember that there's nothing wrong with your personal style; for those who truly feel their home reflects themselves, it does, just as there are people who simply don't worry about money at all.

The natives of each sign handle their money in differ- ent ways: Cancers, for example, tend to hoard their cash, saving it for an unspecified rainy day; while Sagittarians may spend it freely, enjoying what's hap- pening right this very minute. But there are other factors at play in cosmic invest- ment, too, and this is where financial astrology comes into play.

Financial astrologers study the cycles of planets to determine the best available investment strategies. And they study the cycles of companies, too — so they'll know which ones are on their way up and which ones aren't. Does your mutual fund have a financial astrologer on the board? Companies have charts just like people, based on when they were incorporated or started. When these companies have certain positive astrological connections, then their stock goes up.

Financial astrologers specialize in investments and the financial markets; many of them put out newsletters to help their clients become successful in the markets. Let's get a subscription for Allen Greenspan. Astrology also can help determine if you're under good or challenging cycles for fi- nancial investments.

If you're investing during periods when your financial cycles are challenging, there's a greater likelihood you're going to lose money, or, at best, not make any. StarFacts J. Pi'erpont Morgan, a very wealthy American financier at the turn of the century, used astrology for business timing purposes. He financed such companies as U. Hi's use of astrology for business investments made hi'm a billionaire, back in the early part of thi's century when even a million dollars was a vast fortune. One type of astrology in this branch is known as relocation astrology, in which your birth chart is done for the same time and day of birth, but for a location other than your birthplace.

So, your chart changes to show what your life would be like in that location. Hmmm — Australia? Then there's AstroCartoGraphy. As you might suspect from its name, this type is basi- cally a map of the world with lines all over it, showing where in the world your plan- ets were rising and setting at the moment of your birth.

In the place where you now are, you may feel insecure and rarely voice your feelings, but if you moved to a different location, you might be very different; your personality might blossom, and you might be positive and direct instead. Relocation astrology can help you determine in advance what types of experiences you might tend to have in particular places. And, depending on the location, you might have very good career circumstances, a wonderful home life, or transforma- tional experiences that totally change your identity — or you could have more chal- lenges than you ever dreamed of.

Horoscope Junkies Do you read your horoscope? And do you remember it, if you do? Millions of peo- ple in the United States don't leave home without it — without reading it, that is. Are they "horoscope junkies"? A daily horoscope for a Sun sign may read: "A good day for fishing. And we don't just mean for fish! Pay attention to possible catches, but throw back the little stuff. What about the rest of us, who read our horoscopes sometimes or never? Are we heading for possible ruination, or worse?

Of course not. But it might not hurt us to check our horoscopes a little more often. After all, you listen to the weather report before you go outside, don't you? C'mon, we know you do. Aries Pace yourself at work today. An issue between home and work life may arise. Consider your future with your mate or partner. Try to balance personal relationships with career. Taurus Today is great for learning, to get a new insight on life, your situation, or to study a new subject.

Read, surf the Internet, encourage meetings with people who have different interests from yours. Gemini Think about money, resources, material possessions, and values today. But don't get too lost in thought; please remember to come up for air! Have a meeting of the minds on joint resources. StarFacts Who writes horoscopes, anyway? The answer is, usually, astrologers do. Astrologers are people who have spent many years studying what the planets in the signs and houses re- veal about daily life. When they write daily Sun sign forecasts, they look at aspects for that day for each sign.

Between research and writing, creating daily horoscopes for each sign can be a full-time job. Free Will Versus Your Daily Forecast As you may have already come to suspect, astrology connects your outer world to your inner world in order to reveal your potentials. And free will is there, too, avail- able to you — zfyou seek to really understand yourself and become conscious of your unconscious behavior.

In Chapter 9, " Ascendants: The Mask You Wear for the World," weTl be talking about how your ascendant can reveal the lessons that you need to learn in your life. Or, if your soul has come to have a certain type of experience or learn a particular lesson, there's nothing that's going to prevent it except, maybe death , even if your conscious self is completely unaware of it. Fate and free will are actually two very different things. It's possible to predict, for ex- ample, that you're going to have major changes to your home life in a certain time period, based on your present cycles.

Now you could take the bull by the horns, so to speak, and decide you're going to make that move you've been wanting to make for a long time during that period, or you could remodel or make some other changes to your home. Or, you could wait to get evicted, or for the house to get hit by a tree or by lightning! In the first example, you have choices and you make them: This is free will. In the second, if you choose to wait for an eviction or catastrophe, it could be called fate. To put it another way, whatever you need to learn, you are going to learn — whether your conscious self wants to or not.

This also could be called fate. So in the areas where you have lessons to learn, you really don't have a choice, except whether you're going to cooperate and make it easy on yourself — or not cooperate and make it hard on yourself. In other words, you do have choices — free will — but they're not about whether you can avoid learning your lessons; that's called fate.

The daily forecasts in the newspapers are Sun sign horoscopes only. Your Sun sign may be a dominant feature of your chart, but it's certainly not the only one. The Sun, in fact, is just one out of at least 40 different elements shown in your chart. Yes, a Sun sign reading applies to everyone with that Sun sign, in the same way that every per- son needs to eat a balanced diet. But each person's individual diet needs are different because of the infinite ways you can mix and match these 40 elements. Sun sign forecasts are very general. You can be undergoing severe stress and difficul- ties because your own personal cycles are at a very challenging point, even though your Sun sign forecast is all cheery and nice for that day.

On that same day, however, someone may say something nice to you. Now, it's not going to be enough to over- come the larger crisis — but it can make a difference. So, can you believe everything you read in the papers? If your Sun sign forecast is written by a reputable astrologer, absolutely.

These forecasts are rather general, but as- trologers are looking at more than just your Sun sign to make them — they're looking at the planets and their cycles, and the relationship of the planets to your Sun sign. All of this added together can color a day in a certain way. Of course, we can't answer the larger question about believing everything you read in the papers: You might want to take some of the things other than your daily forecast with a grain of salt. Ah — hot lines. These are the toll phone numbers you can dial to get your astrological reading for the day.

What can we say? Well, for starters, the rates for these hot lines can be very high, usually well over what you would pay a certified astrologer for a session — as much as percent over that amount, in fact. Now there aren't many astrologers who charge that much — and if they do, it's often because they're highly experienced and highly skilled, with tremendous knowledge. Hot lines, on the other hand, are often staffed with people who may know some as- trology, but usually not enough to be actual astrologers. Many of these so-called "astrologers" are purported to be working out of their homes — the phone calls are passed through to them when a caller comes through.

There may not be anything wrong with this set-up, but it's also not clear what kind of equipment and skills they're using. Whether the hot-line person is ac- tually doing the client's chart while they're on the phone with the client, for example, is unknown. Some of these people may not even have the software and computer to do the charts, and instead may simply look up the client's birth date information in a book, and then answer questions based on that. It may be better than nothing, but this sort of treatment would certainly provide incomplete information.

If, on the other hand, you went to an actual astrolo- ger, not only would you pay far less and get more accurate and better information, the astrologer would prepare and study your chart and current cycles before meeting with you, in order to get oriented to your needs, challenges, and path. Because every chart is quite different, there is literally a mystery in every chart just waiting to be unlocked and revealed.

No telephone hot-line person is going to be prepared enough, either in training or adequate analysis time, to evaluate and unlock these important aspects for you. To be fair, though, hot lines are convenient and don't require appointments. But it can be expensive — and may yield wrong, or inadequate, information. So we say caveat emptor. That's Latin for "let the buyer beware. These tests are tough. They usually last at least eight hours, and sometimes go for days. Heaven Knows Before you decide to spend your money on a hot line, check with your local certified astrologers first see "Getting Your Chart Done for You" in Part 4.

You could save yourself a whole lot of money— and end up with far better advice. First of all, it's about you — and about everyone else. It's about your relationships, and health, and jobs, and money — and it's about why you and everyone else behave the way you do. In addition, astrology is about your evolutionary purpose and what your soul came to learn and experience. Astrology is also about the sky; in fact, some astrologers call the study of natal astrol- ogy "the inner sky. StarFacts Five thousand years ago, Egyptian astrologers saw a comet in the sky, and soon after, the building of the pyramids was begun.

When that comet returned to Earth's view recently, we named it Hale-Bopp. Yes— the same comet that helped inspire the pyramids was the one you saw back in the spring of Small world, isn't it? Astrology connects you with everything. Remember Sunday School, where you learned that "God is in everything"? Remember those physicists, discussing the inner order and the outer order?

Both of those concepts are about the same thing — that astrology goes beyond the stars, to the place of each individual in the universe, and the place of the universe in each individual. We don't yet know for certain what's "out there" beyond the stars, but just the fact that our imaginations take us there again and again should be enough evidence that we are connected with whatever may be there.

When Sigmund Freud first unveiled his theories of the unconscious, they were called revolutionary — by everyone except astrologers, that is. Astrologers had been studying the effects of the hidden self on the visible self for thousands of years; they just didn't call it the unconscious. Film producers, sociologists, mythologi'sts, and philosophers alike have all explored the popularity of these films.

Part of it is the mythic structure of the story 1'tself. But the mam thing everyone who studied the Star Wars phe- nomenon found was the universal appeal of The Force. Indeed, The Force is with us. Just as therapy may reveal your childhood, your dreams, and your hidden hostilities, astrology can reveal things about yourself you may not be aware of. By looking at your birth chart, you could discover that you have a tendency toward secretiveness and why, or what the placement of Saturn or Pluto in your chart reveals about your power struggles with your father and other authority figures.

Astrologically speaking, your unconscious is not really hidden. Rather, you might say, it is "written. It looks like a wheel, or a pie, or yet another odd distribution of your taxes by Uncle Sam. But no — it's your astrological chart, a metaphor for you, designed for the day and the time and place that you were born. To take it a step further, an astrological chart also called a birth chart or natal chart is a map of the heavens for the location, date, and time you were born, and its symbols represent the locations of the planets on that map.

The sample chart is for film director Steven Spielberg. Each of the 12 sections of the circle is called a house, and the mysterious symbols represent the signs and the plan- ets. Soon, this chapter will unlock the mysteries of these symbols for you. As they're unlocked, the chapter returns to Steven Spielberg's chart and unlocks some of his secrets as well. First, notice the information in the top left-hand corner: It shows Spielberg's birth date, birth time, and birthplace: 18 Dec. Had he been born at another time, place, or date, the chart would be different from what's shown here.

The symbols in Spielberg's chart represent the location of the planets, and the signs they were in, at the time, date, and place of his birth. Think of the center of the chart as the position of the earth — and the placement of the planets as what's in the sky all around it. Everything above it was in the visible portion of the sky at the moment you were born, while everything below it wasn't visible.

The Left end of thi's line is the east, not the west, as it is on maps. It helps to visualize thi's if you imagine yourself standing on top of the world, facing south, at the moment of your birth: east is on your left, right? Now, the highest point of this chart the upper, heavy vertical line on Spielberg's chart, marked with an "M. Note, too, the horizon line; this is the heavy horizontal line across Spielberg's chart. Its left is the east horizon, and its right is where the Sun sets in the west. Your ascendant, or rising sign — the mask you wear for the world — is the sign at the easternmost end of this line marked with an "A" on Spielberg's chart.

The lowest point in the chart the lower, heavy vertical line marked with an "IC" would be the exact opposite side of the earth from the M. Your descendant represents how you relate to oth- ers through partnerships and relationships. It's the sign next to the horizon center line on the right side of the chart and is marked with a "D" on Spielberg's chart. The following tables show you which signs and planets are represented by which symbols. Each planet represents your different energies, and parts of yourself. Each sign manifests those energies in different ways, and all of these things combine to make you who you are.

AstroLingo Your midheaven, or M. It's the highest point that the Sun reached on the day of your birth. Your I. It's found on the exact opposite side of the earth from the midheaven. For now, all you need to remember is that your chart shows the position of the heavens at your birth — just as Spielberg's shows his universe. Each of the twelve Sun signs is categorized in a number of ways.

First of all, there are two energies, or genders, and each sign is either one or the other. Then there are three quadruplicities, called qualities, each of which appears in four signs. Lastly, there are four triplicities, each of which appears in three signs; these are called elements. Let's take all that a little more slowly. People born in signs with the same energy, quality, or element will have certain things in common.

For example, people born in signs with a cardinal or first quality are likely to be leaders; and people in signs with an air element may always seem to be thinking or communicating. Now, each combination of energy, quality, and element appears in only one sign. Aries, for example, has a yang energy, a cardinal quality, and the element of fire. Once you understand what each of these characteristics represents, you also can begin to under- stand certain aspects of an Aries personality.

AstroLingo A Sun sign represents the position of the Sun in the heavens at the moment of your birth. The energies represent whether the energy manifested by a Sun sign is yangldirect and externally oriented or yinl indirect and internally oriented. Qualities represent differ- ent types of activities and are related to where in a season a sign falls. Cardinal signs begin each season, so they like to begin things; fixed signs, in the middle of each season, are preservers, keeping things as they are; and mutable signs occur as the season is changing, and so are associated with transitions.

The four elements describe the basic na- ture of the signs and of life: fire, earth, air, and water, each representing very distinct tem- peramental characteristics. All fire and air signs are yang, while all earth and water signs are yin. Each energy has certain characteristics that, coupled with the qualities and elements, create a unique picture for each sign. The ancient symbol for the union of yin and yang en- ergies evokes a heavenly sphere of celestial balance. Yang represents the outgoing, the positive elec- trical charge, an external orientation, and the direct, "male" side of things.

Yin represents the indirect forces and actions, those that understand what is needed to attract and create the desired outcome, like the flower that blooms in order to at- tract the bee. Yin is also called the receptive, the negative electrical charge, an inter- nal orientation, and the "female" side of things. Think of the way a season progresses, from its forceful beginning, its fixed middle, and its transi- tional ending.

This is what the qualities represent: each season, as it moves through its paces — and its three signs.

You'll notice on the following figure that the qual- ities in each of the signs form a square; that's one of the reasons they're called the quadruplicities the other reason is that there are four signs for each quality. Signs that share a quality share cer- tain characteristics as well. It sim- ply means your sign has an energy that is one-half of the natural life force of everything that lives.

Two halves of the same whole. That's all there is to it. The qualities form a square. People with cardinal quality signs are independent; they seek to move ahead, to start new things, and they can be proactive and enterprising. They also can be impatient if others don't move as quickly as they do, but they're independent, too — the signs of beginnings.

In addi- tion, once they get something started and established, cardinal people tend to lose interest in the project — instead, they're off to start something else. Remember, it's a certain type of person who likes to start things, and if you've got heavy cardinal in- fluences in your chart, you're just that kind of person. In the midst of each season, we have what is called the fixed quality. People with fixed quality signs Taurus in spring, Leo in summer, Scorpio in autumn, and Aquarius in winter are consistent, reliable, determined, and persistent.

They often have great reserves of power, but they also can become stubborn, or set in their ways — these are, after all, characteristics needed to preserve what has already been started. Remember, though, that people with fixed quality signs are the ones who, once cardinal people have started things, take over from there. The end of each season signifies a time of change, and so the signs in this placement are called mutable. People with mutable quality signs Gemini in spring, Virgo in summer, Sagittarius in autumn, and Pisces in winter adapt easily, are flexible and re- sourceful, are quick to learn, and can see issues from more than one angle.

They also can lack perseverance, but this is precisely because they're adaptable and flexible. That's what's needed to make transitions — after all, they've already seen the begin- ning and the middle of the process. Elements: Four to Go Think of the elements as tendencies of the temperament: fire, earth, air, water. Every- thing that exists is composed of these characteristics, and every astrological sign man- ifests one of them as well. In addition, all fire and air signs are yang, and all earth and water signs are yin. You'll notice in the above figure that the elements in each of the signs form a trian- gle; that's one of the reasons they're called the triplicities the other reason is that there are three signs for each element.

And signs that share an element share certain characteristics, depending on what that element is. Fire signs Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius are energetic, idealistic, self-assertive, courageous, and often visionary. If you remember that fire is first, it may help you to remember that fire signs are very active, stimulating creative expression, and always passionate. People with lots of fire planets are often known as "fireballs. Earth signs Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn are practical and skillful, good at managing physical assets, financial matters — or any form of mat- ter.

Think of earth signs as down to earth and you also will remember their characteris- tics. People with lots of earth planets are sometimes called "dirtballs or mudheads. Air signs Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius represent social and intellectual abilities — ideas, communications, thinking, and social interrelationships. People with air signs operate on a mental plane, through air, so to speak, which may help you to remember what air signs are like. People with lots of air planets are often known as "airheads" or just plain "spacey.

Water signs Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces are sensitive and emotional; they think with their feelings, intuitively, and are often romantic. If you think of water as emotion, you will remember the characteristics of water signs. People with lots of water planets are often known as ''water babies" or "crybabies.

It's not the only one, but it's what you'll notice the most, because it's like the fuel you burn. Symbolically, the Sun represents your self, your willpower, and your creativity. And mythologically, the Sun represents the Source, the unlimited resources of God. Remember that the Sun's symbol O is a per- fect circle, an endless whole — and many believe that God, people, and people's cre- ativity are interconnected.

Man, so the story goes, was made in God's image, right? When you look at Steven Spielberg's chart, you will see that his birth date is Decem- ber 18, This means that Spielberg's Sun is in Sagittarius. Now we already know that Sagittarius has a yang energy, a mutable quality, and fire as its element.

Just for fun, let's try translating this into the beginning of a chart reading for Spielberg. People with yang energy signs tend to take charge of things, right? And Sagittarius, with fire and yang, is energetic and visionary as well. Add in Sagittarius's mutable qual- ity, and you find people who are not only comfortable with change, but welcome it. Steven Spielberg is a director — a person who takes charge. And a person who makes at least one film per year must have boundless energy as well.

But it's in Spielberg's films that you really begin to see his chart revealed. There's that "visionary" aspect, for example. All of these films show a singular and forward-looking vision, a vision that also is shown in this very small glimpse of Spiel- berg's chart. Add to that a person who welcomes change, and you begin to see that Spielberg's chart is more than just a metaphor for him. What Is a Sun Sign?

Most people know their Sun sign, but not everybody knows just what that means. As we've explained, your Sun sign is probably the strongest representation of who you are. But who decided just where the Sun signs begin and end, and why they are the way they are? Remember those ancient astronomers, watching the apparent movement of the sky over Earth? Well, they're back! Part of their sky-mapping determined that the Sun went through certain constellations at certain times of the year — and that people born at that time of year seemed to share certain characteristics.

Now this isn't really so mysterious: There's some scientific evidence to suggest that people born at night may be night-owls, for example, and that people born in the summer may love warm weather. But if you know anything about astron- omy, you also know that the constellations are not overhead at the times of year the zodiac indicates. So what's going on here? A very long time ago, the constellations of the signs were in the area of the sky that was named for them.

But due to the earth's wobble, and the fact that the earth shifts a tiny bit in space over a long period of time, the constellations have shifted out of those positions. So Western astrology uses the seasons, which don't change over time, as its basis for Sun signs, and has kept the names the same. Star-Crossed If you were born at the begin- ning or end of a sign, you may need to have your horoscope calculated to determine which Sun sign you have.

Reveal whether the love of your life is a perfect match or a stupendous dud. Always have something to talk about at parties. Make excuses for your inexcusable behavior. Have the best pick-up line ever. Have the best tattoo ideas. You Are Unique No one has the same birth chart as you: The odds of that happening are astronomi- cally small. We've seen those odds calculated as high as 10 , a number that would take up this whole book if you wrote it down.

Now this number reveals something of the complexity of astrology — and the com- plexity of people — something no other model about people is able to do, except maybe DNA. No other models can come up with so many different combinations. Translation: You are unique! V A sign is one of four elements: fire, earth, air, or water. V Each house is an area of your life Sun signs are just the beginning of astrology; remember, every one of the signs ap- pears somewhere on your birth chart, and every sign is a part of who you are in some way.

In this chapter, we'll look in more detail at ascendants, planets, and houses, be- cause there's a whole lot more to you than just your Sun sign. Ascendants Your ascendant, or rising sign, is the sign that was rising over the horizon at the mo- ment of your birth. This sign is your outward manifestation — the "you" that the out- side world perceives. At the same time, though, your ascendant also is the way you express yourself which is probably why the outside world perceives you that way.

Usually, your Sun sign and ascendant are different, which is why your ascendant is perceived as a "mask" — most of the time, hiding your true self, your Sun sign. Part 1 All About Astrology AstroLingo Your ascendant is your rising sign, the sign that was rising over the horizon at the moment of your birth. Your rising sign repre- sents the "y ou " that the outsi'de world perceives, as well as per- sonally traits and needs, and your physical characteristics. Star-Crossed You shouldn't think of your as- cendant as an "excuse"; just be- cause you've got Aries rising, for example, doesn't give you a rea- son to run over everyone in your path.

Your ascendant represents a "specialty" training you're here to take, and the sooner you master it, the easier life will be for you. Each of the 12 signs rises over the horizon during a hour period, so in rough terms, each ascendant rises over the horizon for two hours more or less, de- pending on how quickly a particular sign rises every day.

In addition, whichever sign the Sun is in will be the sign rising at sunrise that day. In the early spring, for example, Aries is rising at sunrise, while at sunrise in the middle of summer, Leo is rising. This means that if you were born at sunrise, both your Sun and ascendant would be in the same sign — and so others would see you behaving like your Sun sign. Or, to put it another way, rather than wearing a different mask, you'd behave like your Sun sign. We'd like to add another dimension to your considera- tion of your ascendant, too: Think of it as "training" for the person you are becoming.

In other words, your rising sign indicates the skills and traits you're learn- ing to develop during your lifetime. If you're born with a Scorpio ascendant, for example, much of what you do may be connected with learning about con- trol, both self-control and a need to control others. Your ascendant also may also be revealed in the clothes you wear, your hairstyle, or any of the other ways you "show" yourself to the world.

Your ascen- dant is as much a part of you as your Sun sign — but it's often more obvious to others. Then we'll explore what the "mask" of your ascendant reveals about you. The Sun, the Moon, the Planets, and the Nodes As your self, your willpower, and your creativity, your Sun is the strongest representation of who you really are. For simplicity, the Sun and the Moon are called planets, too, because from Earth's vantage point they move across the sky just as the planets do. Planets represent different energies within ourselves and our society, and are divided into personal planets Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, and Mars , social planets Jupiter and Saturn , and transpersonal planets Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto.

The following table introduces each planet's symbol, and the energies of each planet. As you've read, they represent the various ener- gies of a person, including things like mental and emotional nature, desires, vitality, soul, will, consciousness, and subconscious, as well as the people in a person's life. And many of these stories you already know. Remember Icarus, the silly boy who flew so close to the Sun that his wax wings melted? Remember the Roman gods: Mercury, god of communication and transporta- tion; Venus, goddess of love and beauty; Jupiter, god of the heavens, lightening, and thunder; wrathful Neptune, god of the sea; and Pluto, god of the underworld; to name a few?

Pluto We think that each planet's stories are connected to the way that planet seems to be- have, and so, in turn, they are stories about you. These stories are based on a number of things, such as what sign a planet is in and where it is in your chart, as well as which planets it associates with — and how well they get along with each other. StarFacts Mythology is more than just stones about those Greek and Roman guys. Every culture, from Native American to African to Armenian, has its own stones, and what's interesting is how often these stones are ali'ke.

Every culture seems to have an origin myth, a flood myth, a sacrifice myth, and a trickster myth, for example— and these similarities are only the beginning. Astrology is complex, just like the planets, and so we'll be telling you some of these stories when we tell you more about each planet. And because astrology has a similar purpose, it's natural the two should hook up in this book. We'll also show you how each planet's en- ergy change from sign to sign — and what this reveals about you.

While the Nodes of the Moon are not heavenly bodies, they nonetheless add some es- sential information to your birth chart. Exactly opposite each other, these points are often called your past and your future. Let's look at them a little more closely. The South Node? S can represent your heredity or your past, and some call the South Node the "point of letting go. If you follow the path of your North Node, you can gain new confidence as you learn new ideas. This is the path to developing new skills, abilities, and growth. Of course, it's also the path that is less comfortable for you.

Your "comfort zone" is your South Node — but being comfortable isn't necessarily your best path. Planetary Rulers Every planet naturally "rules" one or more of the signs, and so, also naturally, certain planets and certain signs share certain characteristics. Planetary ruler ship means that a planet is "in charge" of a sign. For instance, no matter what sign Mars or the Sun is in, they are still in charge of Aries and Leo, respectively. And Leo, like the Sun, is bright and optimistic, while Aries, like Mars, is energetic and on-the-move. Following are the planets and the signs they rule: AstroLingo The Nodes physically represent moving points that relate to the Moon's orbi't around the Earth.

Astro logically, the South Node? AstroLingo Planetary rulers are in charge of certain signs, and so these plan- ets and signs share certain char- acteristics. Which signs your planets are in can help you see why you behave the way you do. If your Mercury is in Gemini, for example, it may indicate that you're a person who's quick-thinking. Some people have several planets aside from their Sun in the same sign — but in a sign other than their Sun sign.

This means they'll exhibit strong characteristics of that dif- ferent sign. Similarly, some people may have lots of planets in a particular area of their chart, and so they may spend a lot of energy in that area of their life. In Part 3, we'll be showing you just what each planet in each sign reveals in more de- tail. For now, just remember that whatever signs your planets are in describe how you use their particular energies or functions in your life.

For example, a Leo Moon means you will seem sunny and optimistic, while with an Aquarian Moon, you'll seem aloof and detached. Houses Now, looking at the graphic on the following page, it's time to discuss what those pie slices really represent: They're the houses, the places where everything in your life oc- curs. Each of the 12 houses encompasses a specific arena of life, the stage where the drama of the planets unfolds. Everything in your life happens in one of these houses — from where you brush your teeth to where you keep your secrets.

When you look at a chart, the first house is always the pie-slice just below the eastern horizon, and the other houses follow, counterclockwise, around the chart. It may help you to think of each house as representing the horizon at the time of your birth: Half the sky was visible, and half of it was not. Below the horizon are the six houses of personal development — invisible, but oh-so-important.

Above the horizon are the six houses of your development in the larger world — those that are visible, in other words. These houses include areas such as your relationships, joint or shared resources, social concerns, career, goals, and the subconscious. Each House Is an Area of Your Life Bear in mind that the chart shown below is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what's in each house. We've tried to give you word associa- tions that you'll be able to remember. Planets in signs appear in houses, or, in other words, show how you do what you do in certain areas of your life.

Which house and sign a planet are in is where the story of you really begins. If you've got Mars in Aries in your first house, for example, you're always going to put yourself first! Heaven Knows Are you starting to wonder how you're going to keep thi's all straight? It may help if you re- member that planets are the "what," signs are the "how," and houses are the "where. So, are you ready to learn what's in all these houses? In Chapters 15 through 18, you'll learn more about each house, and you'll really get to see behind those doors. Knock, Knock, Who's There? Heavenly Bodies in Your Houses In addition to being connected to each other through rulerships, signs and planets also are associated with certain houses.

What we're going to show here is which planets and signs are naturally associated with each house. Remember, though, where your planets are depends on your chart. In addition, don't forget that if you have more than one planet in a particular house, that's going to indicate an emphasis in that area of your life, and just what that em- phasis is depends on which planets are in which house. Also, just as certain planets naturally rule certain signs, they also rule certain houses. And which planet rules which house is determined by which planet naturally rules the sign on the cusp of the house.

If we've lost you, don't worry — we'll be going over this more slowly in Chapters 15 through Now, in Steven Spielberg's chart, the Seventh House appears to be "empty. Now the Seventh House's natural ruling sign is Libra, and its natural ruling planet is Venus, so the Seventh House is the area where your primary relationships happen. For Spielberg, with no planets emphasized here, it may initially seem to you that this would not be a major arena of his life.

This indicates that Spielberg has very important and powerful relationships, and that these people are also part of his personal resources. Feeling those social butterfly vibes? When the sun moved out of stable Taurus and into Gemini on May 21st you may have felt an increase in energy and also the urge to mingle. This spiraling energy makes your minds more active and can also help you express your dreams more freely. Discuss your dreams and also your plans for the future because once you put everything out into the universe you are ready to manifest whatever it is that you want to bring into your life.

As we bring these parts of ourselves into the light, areas that we have not previously wanted to explore or look at before, we empower ourselves by releasing stagnant energy and by simply letting it all go. By doing this we create space for the many new and wonderful things headed our way. It is time to surrender into this energy and release whatever is holding us back. What do you need to let go of? What is inside of you that needs unveiling? Time to plant our feet on the ground, to feel the earth under our feet. Take some time to assess all of the seeds we planted over the last six months and look at what gardens we have grown from them.

What will you take with you and what will you leave behind after this full moon? Venus in Taurus brings beauty into everything. During this transit you may feel an increased desire for security in your home and family. Mars is little more chill while in Cancer because of the emotional energy associated with Cancer wears him out a bit , however Mars is the warrior planet and Cancer is moody and emotional so it may feel a little like an emotional roller coaster, so buckle up! It is also a good time to re-decorate your home, take a look at your finances, or start a new project associated with Real Estate, restaurants, any services appealing to women and any services associated with the home.

Being a mother has been the greatest gift of my life. I love these two little loves with all my heart, to the moon, to the stars, and back again and again. Steady, peaceful Taurus is all about the five senses and slowing down so that we can really take the time to enjoy life. This seems to be getting harder and harder for many of us to do these days! The stars are now supporting us to slow down and re-evaluate our relationship with money and material things.

Its a great time to look at what you value and how value it. This is a time when we will be asked to slow down, take inventory of what we have and what we really want. Its time to be quiet and really listen to what intuitively comes in and then set new moon intentions to manifest our newest desires. With the new moon in Taurus we will be powerfully reminded to honor our resources, our planet and our bodies. Taurus energy gently asks us to honor ourselves and our talents and to check in with our relationship with posessions and money.

Taurus really just wants us to slow down and enjoy life! There are a few aspects to this new moon which may push you to pursue self mastery in something - totally go for it! And then there is another aspect that may encourage you to combine the five senses with your sixth sense - making you dig a lot deeper into the intuitive versus the material - again, totally go for it!

Pluto went retrograde on April 24th and will be retrograde until October 3rd. He is a slow moving outer planet and spends a large portion of each year retrograde. If you have been avoiding and neglecting your shadow side, then you may start feeling all of the feels or if Pluto is aspecting a planet in your personal birth chart. This work is so liberating and empowering.

Pluto rules Scorpio and is the planet asscociated with transformation. While retrograde, he encourages us to go in deep and face some old wounds that are ready to be brought into the light. It is an empowering time for those who choose to bring more light into their bodies as they release their darker parts. This is the time for all types of healing work. If you put in the time you will emerge from this retrograde completely transformed and empowered.

Embrace and love all parts of yourself, light and dark. And on a side note, breathwork is my latest discovery in the healing arts - it is so amazing. Taurus season has brought Spring flowers, warmer weather and a much slower pace - yay!! So much to be grateful for!

Its a great month for diving deeper into a project that we have already started or just chilling out and enjoying a delicious meal and luxurious spa day. Tomorrow will be the second full moon in a row in the sign of Libra! This gives us a second chance to wrap up whatever loose ends we may have before moving forward and implementing whatever we have learned. The full moon signifies the completion of a cycle and since the moon will be at 29 degrees it is time to step into whatever changes are in store for us.

On the 20th of April, the sun moves into Taurus and Aries season is officially over. A cycle is ending, a door is closing, and we are gently being encouraged to step through the open door that lies in front of us. Move slowly and be gentle with yourselves, we have been given extra time for a reason. Embrace change and step through all open doors to experience whatever it is that you have been wanting to manifest! Jupiter is the planet associated with expansion, wisdom, learning, luck, and abundance.

He is retrograde in the sign of Sagittarius, the sign that he naturally rules, so we will feel this a little more deeply. Everything is coming alive again and with Jupiter slowing down we will be able to slow down our external seeking and focus more on inner work. Since Jupiter is the planet who rules the higher mind we will be given an opportunity to go more deeply within ourselves and take stock of where we are on our spiritual path and also in our spiritual practices.

We will have time to review what we really want in our lives and also how to become more aligned with our desires. Its time for us to open up and blossom just like nature around us. Together, we are strong willed, loyal and dynamic people who love to adventure together!

This new moon is an amazing time to begin again. It is a powerful time for action and development and a great time to let go of the old ways and to embrace change and new ways of being. Release things that no longer serve you and take the leap into new and exciting adventure s.

Aries fire energy will super charge the intentions that we set and pushes things forward. So have faith in yourself and jump on in and trust that the universe has your back.. Happy Spring and Aries Season! Time will begin to move more quickly as we enter into Aries fire energy. I love this time of year as everything begins to come alive again! Uranus brings massive change as he is known for shaking up the status quo. Uranus is now here to stay for 7 years and this shift is incredibly noteworthy as the last time Uranus entered into Taurus, for a full stay, was in So what will he revolutionize while in Taurus?

Most likely the themes will be centered around how we handle money, re-defining femine power, and innovative advancements in technology. Taurus is ruled by Venus and she relates to feminine energy, money, and values. Taurus is the sign of money, property, and art. There will definately be a shift in how we value things and also how we handle money. And there may be a big change in how we feel about our material and financial well being. Taurus wants security and Uranus wants freedom so there is that polarity going on as well for seven years.

Also, it is very possible that Uranus will shake up the banking industry as we saw a huge rise in bitcoin when Uranus entered Taurus briefly last May before he retrograded only to crash when he left Taurus This was symbolic of what is to come. Also, innovation in banking is expected as people will re-evaluate how they spend money. So get ready for some shakeups that will help you become more aware of how you value material things and how you save and spend money. I love this creative, mystical and imaginative energy - enjoy getting to known yourself more deeply through the act of creating.

Saturn will make a move later in the week bringing clarity and a sense grounding to you. Artistic Neptunian energy and then structured Saturn energy. Venus moves into Aquarius today and her magical powers will empower us to express ourselves more openly, freely and unconventionally. So get a little crazy and creative with your life. Channel your inner goddess and try something in a different way. Venus is the goddess of love amd money and Aquarian energy is all about independence, freedom, and innovation. Get ready to hustle. You may feel its time to get more organized, or healthier, or you may have more energy to get tasks done.

People born under the strong influence of Virgo are believed to be obsessed with healthy food, feeling organized, love for animals, enjoy books and stray away from rude people. All of these attributes are heightened during a Full Moon and the Supermoon should make this doubly powerful. So lean into this energy and tie up loose ends, design a healthier lifestyle plan, check off items on your forever long to do list and bask in the feeling of accomplishment.

And remember to ignore the haters and stay super focussed on your goals. This is the final Leo eclipse in a series that began on Feb 10th, and its opposing the sun that just moved into Aquarius. The ending of this cycle will bring manifestation, closures and endings.

So what themes played out for you over these past two years? Leo loves the spotlight and all of the attention that comes with being the center of attention. Leo is the guardian of creativity, glamour, romance, and fertility. Under this supermoon many of us will see our efforts come to life in a bold and attention grabbing way! Eclipse energy also likes to shine a light into the shadowy areas of ourselves, so stay open to the messages coming through, be still and listen, and feel through it all so that whatever is no longer serving your highest good can be released.

Be gentle with yourself and try to get comfortable with energy that may not totally feel comfortable. It may take a couple of weeks to fully feel the effects of this and to see what was and what will be. We are returning to what is in our hearts, zero degrees, new beginnings, what matter most to us now. This is an exciting time to start something new, to be swept away in the creative energy of Leo and to birth your dream project. All of the planets are moving forward right now so the skies are clear. Since there is a solar exlipse attached to this new moon, we will see a dynamic impact on the seeds we plant and these effects will be prolonged for up to six months instead of the usual four weeks.

So, let those creative juices flow and allow new storylines to unfold in our lives. This is a powerful time for new beginnings as long as we stay open to receiving what the universe has in store for us. Dream big and aim high when thinking about your future! New moons are times of beginnings, break throughs, and potent changes that impact your life in positive ways. Cancer energy is all about our emotions and nurturing ourselves and others.

She brings in the warm and fuzzy vibes as well as meaningful moments and genuine connection The moon is strong in her own sign plus this lunation is taking place at a magical time of the year. As this is Holiday season, many of us will be spending the next week or so with our families. Emotions may be running high, so try and breath if feeling triggered by family members, this energy may cause you to over react.

Maybe pause before reacting. Making wishes during the New Moon gives more energy behind your wishing, especially when your wishes are aligned with the energy of the sign that the New Moon falls in. Today Mercury goes direct! So yeah, we are ready for some resolutions and clarity in the coming weeks. The good news is that within a few days we will begin to make sense of the last three weeks. And, hopefully no more subway delays here in NYC! When the universe is trying to tell you something, all 1s!!!

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The universe is asking you to take the reins, become what you knew you always wanted to be, inspire and be inspired! Multiple ones mean that your spirit guides are with you, watching over you, keeping you safe and are there to offer divine guidance. Love it! Look on the site minkabrooklyn for more information about what astrology readings I offer. I also do sliding scale, ya'll. Let's get it going! Hiya guys! It's your friendly neighborhood Astrologer here. So excited to launch my minkabrooklyn site. Looking forward to meeting everyone.

X Moonladyastrology gmail. Twinning anyone? We may feel more energized, connected to purpose and our minds may feel expanded. Just be careful because Mecury, the ruler of Gemini, is retrograde so he does not have his full power. Maybe be more conscious when speaking as we can be misunderstood and communications can get easily scrambled, especially when communicating through technology. Gemini rules the mind and it represents siblings, relatives and immediate community. We are emerging from the depths of Scorpio feeling renewed, reborn and transformed!

Jupiter expands all that he comes in contact with and he recently returned home, on November 8th, for a 13 month stay in Sag, so the energy will be even more exciting and adventurous. Just make sure you follow through on things because Sagittarius energy can be more about the talk than the walk. Hiya guys, welcome to my Instructor page! I am an intuitive astrologer, empathy, clairsentient, and clairaudient. I offer deep analysis of natal charts using my intuition and guidance from spirit to help you to release your karma from previous lives and move into your dharma for this life.

Contact me minkabrooklyn or check my link in my bio. Looking forward to working with you all. Its time to dream and use our imaginations during this transit. There is an enormous shift of energy happening and we may find ourselves feeling super motivated one minute and then not so much the next as our emotions take over. Pisces is a mutable water sign and the most psychic and spiritual sign in the zodiac.

Zodiac Personalities by Guru Maa Vidyavati Ji

Mars is all about action, go go go. So needless to say Mars has trouble chilling out in Pisces. Our motivation may come and go in waves but our emotional highs will most likely be pretty awesome. Venus is the Goddess of love, grace, charm, beauty and money. Until Mercury goes direct on December 6th you may want to spend your time reviewing things instead of taking action, doing comparison shopping instead of purchasing big ticket items and allowing extra time for transportation and technology delays.

It is an excellent time to research, review, and go back over things that you have been working on. Peace out Scorpio Jupiter is moving on Jupiter is the natural ruler of Sagittarius so essentially he is heading home. Since October Jupiter has been doing his dance with Scorpio, and as of today he will be bringing luck, fortune and expansion to all things Sagittarius for the next 13 months. This past year was all about clearing out the darkness and opening up for new growth.

Now we are able to see the light at the end of the tunnel - yay!