Astrological taurus profile

It wouldn't be a complete Taurus profile without mentioning some of the less desirable traits as well. Taurus's need for security can become so wholly overwhelming that members of the Taurus sign often find themselves swimming in deep waters of fear and anxiety. Any change that comes along only increases their uncertainty, which only makes Taurus feel more worried that something will go wrong.

The Taurus Woman: Love, Sex, Friendship, Style

In the Western Zodiac Taurus is the dependable one. Like Capricorn, Taurus is a hard worker and is patient and persistent in their goals, but they are also more sensitive, romantic, and future-focused than Capricorn. They are not terribly expressive unless there is another influence in the birth chart that changes this , but they are indulgent. Tauruses like to host parties at their own homes, where they feel comfortable. Some might think Tauruses are materialistic or snobby, but Tauruses have good taste.

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They like creative things and often can express themselves artistically through their hands sculpting, pottery, etc. This is a very romantic sign that thrives on one-on-one relationships. For a Taurus profile, I must offer this warning: don't ever push a Taurus past their limit to see what will happen. You won't like what happens when they blow their top and all of the kindness and generosity goes out the window. They need to establish a strong foundation and feel secure and stable before making the decision to establish a relationship.

They may take a while to commit to any serious relationship - but this also means that they will stick with a relationship and work hard to make it good. They often make loyal marriage partners, reliable parents, and attentive lovers. The downside of this however, is that they can stay in relationships that they are no longer happy in for much longer than they should, thinking that they can make a hard situation work if only they put in the effort.

They do not tolerate partners breaking their loyalty and will never forget transgressions of fidelity. They are not likely to commit these types of transgressions themselves, and if they do will feel incredibly guilty about it. What delights Taurus the most is the idea of starting a home with their partner, building a life with someone that they adore.

The Taurus Woman

Loyalty is something that is very important to those under the Taurus zodiac sign. They will be fiercely loyal to friends and family, and usually expect the same from others.

Taurus traits

They love to laugh and are generally the funny ones in their friend groups. They will savor any time spent with family and friends, and will never miss the opportunity to help the ones that they love. They are also very protective, and will also fight for their loved ones if they feel like they are being threatened.

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They can have trouble losing friends and family because these constitute major changes in their lives, but their grounded natures help them to get through any grief they may be feeling. With their slow and deep thinking, they can take a lot longer than most to figure out what they want to do with their life.

Taurus (astrology)

They may be late bloomers, and hit milestones much later than their peers, but when they do eventually make a decision, they will get comfortable fast and stay there for as long as possible. Taurus, like in their relationships, can have a problem with staying in jobs that aren't working out for longer than they really should.

This can be due to a sense of loyalty, or the fear of change. Usually, they are very hard workers, and the type of colleagues you can really count on when you need an extra hand.

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